Evil Haunt - The Scariest Halloween Haunted House in Murrieta, CA

A tiny house in Murrieta, CA is possessed by an ancient evil that obeys most of the year and stays locked with the confines of its walls, a temporary veil between the dead and the living. But once a year on Halloween night, the evil trapped in purgatory escapes to feed on the young blood of innocents walking the streets looking for a treat.

What's the only way to keep these rotting flesh eaters from plaguing the rest of the world? Trick, and, or, Treat.

Victims are invited through the portal of evil, haunted with apparitions, poisonous spider webs, hanging dead bodies, dead brides to be, intestine hungry zombies, escaped mental patients, scary grandmas, and more ravenous souls -- all of which are looking for some new blood.

Enter if you dare, it's only candy.

Watch the Trailer for the evil 2011 haunt!

Evil Haunt Trailer

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"Crazyeyes" has such sights to show you

Crazyeyes can see you from a mile away.  Like a coyote he alerts the rest of the evil spirits whose blood hungry guts wait for their newest victim to enter the threshhold of the Evil Haunt.  Crazyeyes may look like he's smiling, but his showing of his teeth is his way of scaring off the good spirits that normally would protect the innocents.

"Kreep" likes it bloody

Kreep is the oldest of the evil spirits.  And the meanest.  It's Kreeps voice that you hear rumble through the Evil Haunt house.  His extreme hunger for blood and the sheer joy he has in frightening the young make him a dangerous spirit that is unpredictable and especially scary.

"Goreguts" wants your flesh

Goreguts is an undead walking spirit who sometimes runs and chases his victims.  He will often only eat one part of the body and let the rest go to the other evil spirits as Goreguts has a special fondness for only the guts.  He will run miles dragging intestines just to see how long they stretch.

"Thing" will smash you

Thing likes to play with his victims much like a cat plays with a mouse.  Thing won't kill you right away, but make no mistake, he will kill you.  He often lurks in the dark recesses of the Evil Haunt house, sneaking up on his victims when they least expect it.  He likes the game, and makes you an unwitting play thing.

Beware of "Poison" and her deadly whispers

Once a beauty queen in the living spirit world, Poison has learned to be deadly and dangerous just to survive in the Evil Haunt world.  She will entice you with her beauty to lure you into the Evil Haunt house, and seduce you to give her everything, including your blood, flesh and guts--and even your candy.

"Bones" will destroy you

With one fell swoop Bones will have you in a pile of mush decaying on the grounds of the Evil Haunt house.  He does not delay in locating and dismembering his prey and is very efficient in using all parts of his victim, including their costume.  Bones especially loves the marrow of his victims and for that reason, goes for the teens, who have developed large bones, but still young enough to enjoy.

"Crusher" attacks

Crusher is new to the Evil Haunt house and extremely prepared to strike and kill it's young guests.  In his evil survival bag, he has all sorts of tools that subdue, poison, dismember and burn his victims depending on what method he wants to employ.  Crusher puts out the light in your soul and enjoys watching your body rot from the inside.